How Does Bungee Work?

Step One: Import sales records into Bungee.


Step Two: Bungee calculates customer's rewards points.


Step Three: Rewards points appear on customer's personalized page.


Step Four: Customer redeems points in exchange for rewards.


Step Five: Customer rewards are fulfilled.



Bungee can integrate directly with your billing system or point-of-sales system. If you prefer, records can be manually imported into Bungee. Choose the method that reduces or eliminates ongoing support on your end. All data is completely encrypted and secure. Anonymous account numbers can be assigned to provide an extra level of peace-of-mind. Our loyalty program is powerful, easy-to-use, affordable and, yes, secure.


We look forward to discussing your unique requirements. Please contact us for a no-obligation webinar at inquiry@bungeeloyaltyprograms.com