What is Bungee?

Think loyalty programs are hit-or-miss and complicated? Not Bungee. One client increased customer revenue by over 40% per customer. That's serious ROI you could be missing out on! Bungee offers functionality like no other loyalty program available today.

Our integrated behavioral-based advertising allows you to cross-sell and up-sell additional services based on previous buying behavior – the ultimate in target marketing.

Reduce Churn, Increase Customer Spending

Not only will you increase customer spending but you can also reduce your churn (customer turnover). One Bungee Loyalty Program customer reduced their churn by over 72%! Your customers will rave about your company thanks to your new, custom loyalty program.

Save Time

Is time a factor? Some loyalty programs can take over a year to implement. With Bungee, you could be up and running with your own full-featured, professional, company-branded loyalty program in as little as 30 days. No need to worry about wasting your time with rewards fulfillment: we have that covered for you too. We can fulfill gift cards, e-cards, apparel and even manage sweepstakes for your loyalty program.

Powerful Reporting

We did extensive research before developing Bungee. Our customers told us they wanted an easy-to-manage loyalty program with powerful reporting. Bungee provides you with easy-to-use administrative tools that you can master in minutes. As for powerful reporting, we believe one of our Fortune 500 clients explained it best, saying, "the insights gained from the Bungee sales and marketing reporting are far more useful than anything we get from our own internal reporting."


We look forward to discussing your unique requirements. Please contact us for a no-obligation webinar at inquiry@bungeeloyaltyprograms.com