Meets Your Specific Needs

We invested the hours to provide you with a powerful, turnkey solution. Bungee's cloud-based system will meet your brand standards and is perfect for when the CEO or VP of Marketing says, "I need it yesterday." If you need a more customized solution, we can develop it to look and feel like your current website with a completely customized user interface and administrative interface.

"Powerful features like dynamic advertising based on buyer behavior made Bungee the logical choice."

Heidi Kleinhans, Nsight Teleservices


Enhanced services are available:

  • Rewards
  • Sweepstakes
  • Discounts
  • Dynamic banner ads
  • Referral programs
  • Opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell other services
  • Advertisements sent to various target markets based on previous purchasing behavior

On Time

Bungee has changed the loyalty game: no longer does an effective loyalty program require months or years of programming. With Bungee, by next month you can provide customers the opportunity to earn rewards. The program is a customer and purchase tracking database that converts dollars into points, that has a Web interface complete with advertising and cross-sell opportunities, established agreements with prize vendors, retailers and bank card issuers and provides powerful reporting. Your customers will rave about the user-friendly experience.


Customers don't want to carry loyalty cards in their wallets or on their key chains. Customers don't want to download apps to their smartphones to use loyalty programs. They want simplicity. When you provide them Bungee's simplicity they will be more engaged, which means you get a greater ROI. Unlike many loyalty programs no loyalty cards are needed and no apps need to be downloaded. It is easy for you and easy for your customer.

Within Budget

Bungee is provided to you on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model – nothing to install or maintain. No crippling capital expense. Just an easy-to-budget monthly cost. *

* Custom solutions require initial investment costs

In the Cloud

Bungee is also available on the Force platform from Salesforce.com. This means if you are using Salesforce.com already you can have a seamless experience between your Salesforce.com CRM services and Bungee. Even if you don't use Salesforce.com you can still get the benefits of the robust and scalable Force platform with Bungee.


We look forward to discussing your unique requirements. Please contact us for a no-obligation webinar at inquiry@bungeeloyaltyprograms.com