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Millennial women most likely to broadcast shopping decisions, recommendations

Today’s US woman is expanding her “sphere of influence,” according to September 2012 research from Fleishman-Hillard, Hearst and Ipsos Mendelsohn. Through social networks and web tools, she is both contributing and seeking out purchase recommendations from friends and followers.

According to the survey, 54% of US female internet users said they feel a responsibility to help friends and family make wise purchase decisions, and nearly half said they influence friends and family to buy—or not buy—a product or service on a regular basis. When a similar study was conducted in September 2008, only 31% of women said they felt they regularly influenced other people’s purchase decisions.

Social networks and social reviews have played an important role in this rise in purchase influence. In the last six months, 46% women said they had read reviews about a product on a website. Moreover, 33% had recommended a specific product or service to someone, and 30% had reviewed a product or service on a website.

Source: eMarketer

Effective loyalty programs consider women's buying behavior as well as socio-economic and other demographic factors to achieve maximum impact.


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